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If You're Like Me

Dec 19, 2021

Join us for our podcast Christmas episode (and our first video episode), drink coffee, watch Mannix with us, and observe the annual miracle of the cream cheese.
1:30 The Grinch
3:00 Santa Conquers the Martians
4:02 Mannix: Death is a minor key
5:57 Anthony Zerbe
6:15 Spider-Man: No way home
15:49 Pranking your kids
21:28 The great cream cheese shortage
22:58 Garth Brooks Silent Night and the miracle of the cream cheese
27:08 Expiration dates
32:00 The mystery of the broken figurine
37:14 Notable deaths
39:53 Will Vinton's Claymation Christmas Special
42:00 Little House on the Prairie: the Blizzard
44:37 White Christmas observations Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our listeners/viewers.
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