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If You're Like Me

Jan 3, 2022

Welcome to the first episode of the If You're Like Me podcast for 2022. In today's episode, we discuss some of our personal highlights from 2021, look ahead to 2022, and talk about snobbery and how pervasive it is in all areas of life, including technology, coffee, and even grocery store deli meat.

Joel also shares his observations from his TikTok experiment--can a non pretty person succeed?

Show notes:

  • 1:36 Joel's white truck
  • 5:40 Jeff's new guitar
  • 6:40 Jeff's musical inspirations
  • 11:00 TikTok: the good and the bad
  • 21:05 Snobbery and why it is bad
  • 22:10 Coffee snobs
  • 23:30 Snobs at the supermarket
  • 24:30 How to train yourself to drink black coffee
  • 28:30 How to train your palate to tolerate food that you don't like
  • 29:05 Squash and basil ice cubes
  • 31:30 How to identify pilots and IT engineers
  • 34:54 Why do hard-core IT engineers use Android?
  • 37:50 Phone snobs
  • 38:45 Why Jeff despises group messaging
  • 40:00 Nostradamus predictions for 2022
  • 41:55 Edward Teller and EO Lawrence and the Manhatten Project, lighting the atmosphere on fire
  • 45:11 Adult birthdays, and why they are awkward
  • 47:20 Why Joel will never throw his wife a surprise party again


Happy 2022 to all of our listeners/viewers.

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