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If You're Like Me

Sep 28, 2015

Topics discussed this week: The Bob Bonus Advice to ourselves in fifth grade What happens when Rome’s boss leaves town Concerned eyebrows What would happen if Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman rode the tilt-a-whirl

Sep 23, 2015

It’s a “better late than never” episode, where we are joined by special guest Honathan Jyde to debate the darker side of Andy Griffith, we recount pant emergencies, complain about the early election cycle, and talk about adventures in Ebay. Grab a pair of backup...

Sep 6, 2015

In Episode 22 we discuss man caves vs. woman caves (AKA the rest of the house), the Fear of Missing Out  (FOMO), and we dissect the creeptastic musical stylings of Porter Wagoner.